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As a club member you have full access to all areas of the website, which include tournament schedules, tournament results, fishing Tips, Items for sale, Expert Speakers, Newsletter Database, Fishing Reports, Fishing Tips, Places to fish for Walleye and allot more information..

Besides full access to the website you also have access to "Special Events" that are planned each year.
Such as Swap Meets, Cook Outs, Youth Programs, Year End Awards and Fishing Trips.

Our tournaments are open to all paid members and require no entry fee. If you plan to participate in a tournament your dues must be paid prior to 9pm the night before the tournament. This saves the handling of money on top of passing out boards for the tournament. You receive points towards "Angler of the Year" in each tournament you participate in.

Club Membership - $35.00 per Year

All Memberships Expire on Dec 31 of each Year.

Club Meetings

are held at 7:00 the 4th Tuesday of each month at the West Walker Sportsman Club.

As a club member, you'll also be able to participate in group discussions, Get great fishing ideas as to where are the hotspots for the tournaments and learn many new fishing techniques.

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